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Separation Lawyers


separtaion agreement

Is your relationship coming to an end and are you looking for separation lawyers in Edinburgh? Are you feeling anxious and stressed and need advice on what is required for a legal separation? Do you even know where to start? Like we have for many clients in Edinburgh, we can help!

Separation lawyers in Edinburgh

Our team of sympathetic separation lawyers are on hand now to give advice when a couple’s relationship is coming to an end. The breakdown of a marriage or civil partnership is hard enough when dealing with the emotional aspects let alone the legal aspects as well. We are highly experienced and truly understand the emotions and stress that you will be feeling, with so many questions needing answered that are effecting your everyday life right now. What happens with the marital home in divorce or separation? What about the kids? The everyday bills and running costs will also be a concern. Who pays the mortgage? Who pays for shopping or the gas and electric bills? For answers to these questions and more our separation lawyers are here to give separation agreement advice.

We are a dedicated family law firm in Edinburgh and will fight your corner every step of the way to ensure that you get the very best outcome from your marriage separation or civil partnership dissolution. We will offer jargon free advice in a language that you will understand with no hidden costs or fees, straight forward honest advice that you would expect from one of the very best separation lawyer’s firms in Edinburgh or indeed Scotland.

Separation lawyers Edinburgh

If you are looking for affordable, compassionate separation agreement advice, get in touch with the separation lawyers team today and arrange a private and confidential consultation with one of our divorce solicitors, let us help take away some of the obvious stress that you are feeling.