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prenuptial-lawyer-agreementYou are in love and thinking of moving in with your partner, everything is perfect, you are dreaming of your wedding and having kids.  Imagine you sell your flat or house and move in without a Prenuptial Lawyers Consultation and then 1 or 2 years down the line you break up.  If you don’t have the legal protection you can walk away with nothing. Consider if you have put your life savings into the relationship, you would naturally want that money back, if you were unfortunate enough to split.

Prenuptial Lawyers in Edinburgh

Our Prenuptial Lawyers are experienced in this area to help get the legal agreement which is called a Prenuptial Agreement drawn up and submitted to the Judge for signing / approval.  This legal document, once compiled, will be filed as a minute of agreement.  The process can take months to negotiate as your partner will have his own separate Prenuptial Lawyers working on his / her best interests.

Prenuptial Agreement

It isn’t very romantic but it is better to safeguard your hard earned assets and wealth.  When you enter into a relationship you hope for the best, but if things do fall apart the red mist can come down and things get unreasonable.

  • If your personal circumstances change once you are in the relationship you can always get a Postnuptial Agreement however if you have a Will, you will need to make sure they all match and don’t contradict each other.

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