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paternity-rightsPaternity Legal Issues

Most couples that separate with children assume they can find compromise and an agreement regarding when the kids split their time, sleep-overs etc.  In our experience, paternity rights rarely work like this, emotions can get out of control, arguments can be caused over jealousy when another adult is introduced to the children.  Our advice as professional family lawyers is to get a legal separation in preparation of the inevitable divorce.

We have seen many couples with children under the age of 16 arguing over basic things and if a child is staying with you, don’t book a babysitter so you can go out for the evening.  This will be like showing a bull a red flag.  Children are the ones that suffer, they see the parents arguing and feel torn as they still love both parents.  We have recommended family mediation in the past, however it requires an open mind and everyone to participate, this very rarely happens.

If you go to the expense of getting a legal separation signed by a judge and filed, things can still change.  After all, the child is a human being with feelings and emotions.  They may decide that they don’t want to come and stay over, regardless of what a piece of paper says. Paternity rights is very complicated and that is before you take the age of the child / children into consideration.

One of the most critical factors in paternity rights can be the CSA – Child Support Agency, there are many horror stories about them freezing the main earner wages and taking lump sums without knowing the full facts.  This can be horrific when legal representation and clear communication could potentially resolve matters.

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