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Grandparents Rights in Divorce

Family Law in EdinburghWhen we are dealing with divorce cases very often during the proceedings a question that almost certainly comes up is what are the grandparents rights in divorce. In fact what should really be looked at is what rights do young adults have, the younger kids have and indeed any other siblings or relatives that might be effected by a divorce.

Grandparents rights in divorce – who is entitled to what?

In any marriage, where kids are involved, there is always a huge bond and relationship between everyone with the grandparents. So when the marriage does break down what are the grandparents rights in divorce? The sad truth is that grandparents although heavily involved in grandchildren’s life’s, they do not have any automatic right to contact their grandchildren. However, in most cases we have seen, it is very rare family courts would refuse a grandparent access unless there is evidence of violence or abuse.

Only persons with parental responsibility such as parents, guardians or step parents can apply to the courts for access to children however grandparents can apply for a contact order through the courts to be considered.

We have advised on grandparents rights in divorce and in many occasions helped grandparents resolve disputes and therefore gain the necessary access they want to their grandchildren.

Grandparents rights in divorce – how do I get in touch?

When it comes to grandparents rights in divorce we have been very successful in most of our cases, but like most legal cases it is ultimately the court’s decision and in these types of cases they will always consider the children’s circumstances and will ultimately weigh up wither grandparents contact might have a negative impact on the rest of the family relationships. To find out the answers to many questions you may have about grandparents rights in divorce call our team today on 0131 510 5825.

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