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Looking for a Family Lawyer?

We truly understand the Stress and Anxiety you may be feeling. Our highly experienced Family Lawyers are here to help. For compassionate and understanding advice get in touch with the Family Law Experts today.


We are fully committed to always providing you with high quality, focused and consistently excellent legal advice that is competitively priced.

We are confident that prudent investment in the right law firm at the start of a legal process not only saves money in the long term, but also delivers the greatest chance of securing the most favourable outcome for your case.

Our Fee Structure

When you decide to employ our services we will clearly states the fees you can expect to pay, with each service itemised on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is not fixed; there is a sliding scale dependent on the experience and expertise of the person dealing with your case. The rates which apply to each case are set out before we start working for you.

Our chargeable hourly fees extend to meetings with you and others, any travel necessary to undertake in relation to your case, consideration and research related to your case, writing and receiving related correspondence (including emails), making and receiving telephone calls, preparing and working on documents.

What is a Cost Estimate?

At the outset, after we understand and process the particulars of your case at our initial consultation, we will provide you with a cost estimate. This is an estimate of the fees and are dependent on a number of variable factors that develop and evolve as your case progresses. For instance, the cost of a divorce is largely dependent upon the actions of the other person for example if they were to defend the case, this will significantly increase the cost of your divorce.

We appreciate that no-one wants to be surprised with a large bill after months of service. This is why we commit to working closely with you to design a billing structure that best suits your needs.

How can you pay for your divorce?

There are a number of options available to you if you fear that quality legal representation from us is beyond your current budget. These include:


Borrowing, A Legal Costs Allowance from the other party, Litigation Lending and A ‘Sears Tooth’ Agreement.



Family or friends may be willing to help. We can ensure that any loan arrangements are properly documented.


A Legal Costs Allowance from the other party

If you substantially depend on the other party for financial support, we may be able to secure an order that results in them paying for your ongoing legal fees.


Litigation Lending

We work closely with specialised lenders who can advance money to pay your legal costs against the prospect of being repaid from a settlement.


A ‘Sears Tooth’ Agreement


A Sears Tooth Agreement is an agreement between solicitor and client where they agree that an appropriate amount of the client’s final divorce settlement is provided to the solicitor to meet the fees.

If you are concerned about how you might pay for your legal costs, contact us for advice.