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Cost of Divorce in Scotland

divorce-separation-marriage-breakup-split-39483Many people approach us to ask what the Cost Of Divorce In Scotland.  The answer is it typically depends if there are minors (children) involved and/or young adults, additionally if the young adult(s) is in full-time education or indeed working (full or part-time) and funding themselves and their living costs.  So, you see there is no clear `one answer to suit all’.  We always recommend an initial meeting to gather facts and our Divorce Lawyer will give you the various options that are available to you, at this time.  

Divorce Agreements

The negotiations between a couple can be fraught with angst, you may need to sort out visitation rights to a child and regardless what the situation of the marriage breakdown is, both parties can become easily infuriated.  This is where a Divorce Lawyer intervenes and will compose a legally binding document i.e. separation of agreement document which outlines the new arrangement, one which both adults will need to comply with.

If the couple does not have children it can be much easier to get Divorced in Scotland.  Ideally if neither party objects, it can be straight-forward.  The marriage breakdown can be confusing and sad enough without additional complications in the run up to the divorce.  We understand this and try to be as sensitive as possible to your emotional well-being.

Divorce Lawyer in Edinburgh

The first appointment will probably take no more than 1 hour, in this time we will gather facts and give you a better understanding of your entitlement from the spouse and what you can expect from the legal system in Scotland.  We can give you a rough idea re time-frames, but your spouse will need to appoint a different divorce lawyer to represent him/her.  We cannot represent both parties.

If you are in this unfortunate position of needing a Divorce Lawyer, please give us a call on 0131 510 5825 or visit our website for more information.  We offer a range of services including Prenuptial Agreements.